About Us (Medic Art)
Welcome to Medic Art !We are Illustration and Video download site, specialized in clinic and hospital.We create illustration and Video by merging medicine(Medic) and art(Art).

To communicate with patient is not always easy. Sometime, it is hard to explain Medicine. And some people feel Anatomical drawing is uncomfortable.But cartoon has a limit to express the content. We, Medic Art create beautiful illustration. So people can even enjoy the Anatomical drawing.We support people who want to promote medicine efficiently.- For the "easy-to understand Medicine" , We challenge the limit of Visuals -

About Medic Art
Medic Art8 operates the Illustration and Video download site specialized in clinic and hospital. We provide various Illustration and Video materials of medicine. We offer the individual work other than sales materials.
Medic Art is operated by Medic Art8 (Advertising Agency which specialized in clinic andhospital). If there is no desired illustrations in our web site, we also accept the request. But not guarantee to provide. 
If necessary, We will provide with extra fee .Please contact us if you are interested in promotion of Video.

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Medical advertising agency specialized in clinic and hospital Medic Art8
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