Medic Art provides illustration-focused newsletters using visual writing 
These materials are sold only in Japanese. Only illustrations for newsletter articles are sold overseas.We provide “completed version of newsletters” and “illustrations for articles” for those who want to make arrangements. Please understand that a small copyright notice of “Medic Art” is included in these illustrations as they are offered at lower prices than the normal prices. The completed version of newsletters is only available in Japanese. About sales of “illustrations for newsletter articles”The illustrations for newsletter articles are provided in medium size with a long side of 1280 or 640 pixels.
Size, Variety
How to use
8.27 × 11.69 inch (3507×2480pixel)、300dpi、JPEG
Printed matter (newsletter)
11.69 × 16.54 inch (4960×3507pixel)、300dpi、JPEG
Long side:4.25 inch (1280pixel)、300dpi、PNG、JPEG
Printed matter (newsletter)
Article illustration

Examples of Newsletter
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