Terms of service

This Terms and conditions is a legal agreement between you and Medic Art8 (collectively, "Medic Art8 ", "we", "us" or "our"). To use our Services http://www.medicart.jp/ , you must understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions and register with our Website to become a Member. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you are not allow to use our service.

We may from time to time modify these terms and Conditions without prior notice, at any time. Please check to see the current date located on the top of the newest terms and conditions.

* We apologize for the inconvenience but English website is for Browse only.
You cannot purchase materials from here.


Article 1  Definition

  1. The Contents means Digitized data(Illustrations, icons, collage, templates, photos, videos, etc.) that provided by Medic Art.
  2. “Member” means the person or persons who has agreed to provide the services in accordance with these Conditions.



Article 2 About Use

  1. All (Illustrations, video material, material on this service) of the intellectual property rights belong to us and it is protected under the law on intellectual property rights, including copyright law.
  2. Unauthorized use or reproduction of materials contained is strictly prohibited. You may use our material to create logo unless you do not register the trademark. But Trademark registration using our material is prohibited.
  1. Once you purchase our materials, you may use any number of times used within the scope of the license(hereinafter collectively, Royalty-free, or RF).

    Copyright belongs to us. It is not copyright-free material.

  2. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not use our contents.

  3. 3.If you are under the age of 18, you shall obtain the consent of the guardian.

  4. 4.In registration of member, You agree to provide us accurate Information and to update your registered Information as necessary to keep it accurate.

    We will not be responsible or liable, in any way for any loss of any kind incurred as a result of, if the member did not update their current information.

  5. 5.If the total number of products that has been created with our material will be more than 30,000, you need separately Premier license. Please refer to Article 7 for details.

  6. 6.We set up Usage of our material as following example.

  7. Please contact us with regard to other usage.
  • About Use

    * Modify the size of content.

  • * Use as printed matter (you need an additional cost if the number of copies are more than 30000)
  • * Share your production on the Web site utilizing our content.

    In that case,please use by processing the material, (such as inserting a character or synthetic) to avoid that third person download the materials,

  1. 7.Regarding the use of thumbnail (content with a logo that is displayed as a sample), you are allow to use them only to confirm the layout before the purchase, or to comps for image, or to verify the image quality. Use in other purposes is prohibited in any case.



Article 3 The contents of our service

  1. 1.Medic Art offer "content" that specialized in the healthcare industry. We provide free content and paid content. With membership registration, you may download the free content provided in this service, and to buy the right to use the toll materials.

  2. 2.If deemed necessary, we may change, remove, abolish contents of this service without prior notice to members, and without the need for consent, and without incurring any liability to members

    3.We may from time to time modify these terms and conditions as necessary without prior notice and requiring the consent to members.
    A the time of use of the Service, Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the latest Terms and conditions.

    4.Member must pay all of the necessary communication costs such as site browsing, and other.

  3. 5.We can not guarantee the accuracy of tag notation associated with the content , title, information on this service (includes copyright of the content, image rights, other publicity rights, a display of intellectual property rights).
  4. When you want to provide content and information on this service, or when you use to paid content on the service, you shall be done at your own risk.



Article 4 Prohibited Matter

  1. 1.Members should not be subjected to the following Acts

    • (1) Act of infringement of Copyright or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, the other rights or interests of our company's or member's or the third party's is strictly prohibited. (includes unauthorized use of content on this service and the provision of content that others have the right)
    • (2) Misconduct through the Internet such as computer virus or to interfere with the operation of this service by nuisance is strictly prohibited.
    • (3) Entering false information at the time of member registration, and impersonating others to use the Service are prohibited.
    • (4)Any other activities that we deems it inappropriate.

  2. 2.For prohibitions regarding contents Utilized, refer to the Article 7.



Article 5 Member registration

  1. 1.To use our Services, you must understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions and register with our Website to become a Member.

  2. 2. In registration of member, you are required to provide your name, affiliation, complete registration e-mail address and password, state, gender, age, etc.
  3. Registered e-mail address and password have to be matched. Member is responsible to protect their password.

  4. 3.If a third party use registered e-mail address or password and it causes damage to member, We do not take any responsibility.

  5. 4.You agree to provide accurate registered Information and to update your registered Information as necessary to keep it accurate.
    Member always registers the contacts that is reachable.
    If there is an inquiry from us, member shall correspond to this as soon as possible.

  6. 5.If the person who apply for membership registration was a person who has been revoked the membership registration in the past, we can reject the registration if we were to determine that there is a risk of breach of the Terms or to be not suitable for registration.

  7. 6.If you are using the content of Medic Art as an organization, please register with a organization name.



Article 6 Provisions personal information

  • Personal information that has been provided at the time of membership registration will be handled appropriately based on our privacy policy.
    Member agree that the personal information is handled on the basis of our company and Privacy Policy.



Article 7 Sales form (Commercial availability / royalty-free license)

  • Member purchase the paid content on this service.
    When member download the content, Royalty-free (RF) license related to the content is given to member.

  • In use of the content in the RF license, regardless of the private and commercial, you can use the content as long as you have a membership in a variety of applications following our stipulated. Member are not allowed to give away or sublease or transfer the RF License to a third party without our permission.
  • 【Use of content】

  • The following acts are prohibited.

  • * It is strictly prohibited to publish our material as if it is your own creation. You may modify the material in a range of terms and conditions. However, you do not to use as if you have the copyright and/or authority license.
  • * To produce counterfeit goods by using the content of Medic Art or to sell the counterfeit goods.
  • * To use of content as a Trademark,or part of the logo, or specific companies or private individuals, organizations and activities characteristic symbol.
  • * The use of the contents contrary to obscenity and public order and morality.
  • * To use the content to Sex industry, pornography, adult sites, dating site.
  • * The use of the contents related to gang
  • * The Use causing damage of honor or credit of our company or our subject, slander, leading to the unpopular of our subject.
  • * You are not allowed to sell, transfer or sublicense your content to anyone else.
     (Operation of stock photo site /To distribute the content on software/ To print the content and distribute it as a material/ To distribute content which is in a processable state)
  • * To save content on a hard disk which Non-member can access, and use it with common PC.
  • If you cannot determine, please contact us.


    If you use material which require attention as below, please contact us before use.

    【Material which require attention】
    Drug abuse, alcohol addiction, aphrodisiac, violent ad, infertility, contraception, termination of pregnancy, transsexuals, homosexuality, gambling, consumer finance, cosmetic surgery, religion, politics, portrait of deceased person, information merchandise, etc.

  • 【About Premier license】

  • If the total number of products that has been created with our material will be more than 30,000, you need separately Premier license.

  • Regarding other exsample than below, please contact us separately .
  •  * Regarding other exsample than below, please contact us separately
  •  * Creating a greeting card such as brochures, New Year's card and invitations
  •  * Produce the novelty goods such as Ballpoint pen, smartphone cases and T-shirt
  • Once member purchase a Premiere license for certain content, member can use the content in any number of times without limit.


  • 【About Support】
    We will correspond If there is defect of Vector data if you contact us within 1 week after purchase.

    If Error or bug occur during the use of content, we consider to exchange to new product or replace to equivalent content if you contact us within 2 week after purchase.



Article 8 Terms of violation

  • If member violate the Terms and condition or to use unauthorized content, Member shall pay the ¥ 100,000 per material to us.
    we can claim the expenses of attorneys' fees or the damages that we suffer if it has exceed more than ¥ 100,000.
    We do not take responsibility for legal claims and responsibilities between member and third party if these caused by use of unauthorized content.


Article 9 Size & Price

  • ※ We apologize for the inconvenience but English website is for Browse only.
    You cannot purchase materials from here.
  • Sale price of the content is defined as follows depending on the type of material.
    Regarding Pay material,
    S size has the long side of 750 pixels (300 dpi),
    M size has the long side of 1280 pixels (300 dpi),
    L size has the long side of 2560 pixels (300dpi).
    Regarding Free material,
    S size has the long side of 640 pixels (300dpi),
    M size has the long side of 1280 pixels (300dpi), L size has the long side of 2560 pixels(300dpi).

    You can download image of Free material only.
    Paid material images are in TIFF and JPEG format, Free materials Images are in PNG and JPEG format.

  • Regarding sale price,if there is a description separately in page of each content, the price conform to this.
    Depending on the intended use, premier license fee is required separately as described in Article 7.



Article 10 Payment

  • The member shall paid the purchase price of the content with one of the following methods,
    Member bear any cost required for bank transfer, settlement or other payment.
    Member agreed to the fact that there is some region where some payment method is not available.
    We may change the price or payment method without prior notice.

  •  * Credit card transaction
  • If you wish to pay by invoice, you shall apply for our predetermined system We approve the bill payment registration through the necessary examination there are some case we do not approve the bill payment.
    In this case, we do not disclose all the content of the examination and determination, Member is not be able to challenge the examination result.
    Member bear any cost required for fresh payment.



Article 11 Refund and Cancellation

  • Return and refund are not possible unless physical defects or failures.

    In other cases, please contact us.

    Regarding Vector, the data which has not been grouping or has classified inappropriate are not considered as defect or disability.

  • There may be a case that kind of slice line is visible after confirming the vector data in the preview.
    This is only a misalignment which occurred by converting into preview image.
    You can print out with no problem. This case is not considered as defect or disability.

  • We do not accept return after purchase with the reason because data is not usable with
    the Previous version of Adobe Illustrator CS4.
    We can exchange to other data in other version which you wish.
    We do not accept return and refund in case of miss downloading.
    We do not accept cancellation and refund after the electronic payment transactions completed.



Article 12 Deregistration

  • You can terminate your membership by taking a withdrawal procedure, at any time.
    Member agree that there some time is required that the application withdrawal is reflected on the system.
    You will not be able to log in to your account, you will not be able to use all the functions, you will not be able to use any material which has been downloaded before withdrawal.
    If you wish to Withdraw from membership (deletion of customer information), please contact the following e-mail address.
     Please change (@)to @.

    When member violate to terms and conditions, or when we determinate that inappropriate membership, we can take a withdrawal procedure of membership any time without prior notice or any notification, and without obtaining the consent of the member.



Article 13 Interruption and stopping

  • We may interrupt or discontinue the operation of this service without prior notice.
    If a member suffered damage due to the interruption or discontinuation of the Service , our company does not take any responsibility.

  • 【Examples】

  •  * Equipment maintenance
  •  * In the case of failure of the service equipment
  •  * Service is no longer available due to Natural disasters such as earthquakes, power outages, and unforeseen incidents.
  •  * Other cases



Article 14 Consultation

  1. We handle any doubt in good faith and to solve the problem which occur in between us and member and third party.



Article 15 Disclaimers

    User shall confirm the content and accuracy of the text.
    We offer no guarantee accuracy of contents from academic and technical standpoint.

    We will liable Dispute that has been occured based on the Use of our material In the scope of the amount which User paid.
    We may change content without prior notice.
    We are not responsible if any loss has occurred because of our service delay, termination or change of content.

    We are not responsible if there were some influence to users communication equipment.
    We will respond with exchange to non-defective or to equivalent content if there is Physical defects, but we are not responsiable with other reason.



Article 16 Governing Law, competent court

  1. Legal issues relating to the present service, shall be governed by the Japanese law. Tokyo District Court shall be first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts if case did not resolve.

November 15, 2015